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      Jin Xiang YunDa Agriculture Co., Ltd

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      Name: Mr.Li
      Tel: +86-135 6276 2958
      Fax: +86537 8891219
      E-mail: info@jxyunda.com
      Add: shandong,China
      Skype: bunnylij@126.com
      WeChat: +8618052206230
      whatsapp: +8618052206230
      Skype: bunnylij@126.com info@jxyunda.com

      About Us

      We are one of the producer and exporters of fresh vegetable/spice in China.We have perfect sense and knowledge about the vegetable/spice as we are more than 20 years of experience in the industry.Our company located in JinXiang County, ShanDong Province, China.JinXiang is garlic hub selling and distributing garlic worldwide.Based in Jinxiang, Our company as leading Agricultural Plantation, Producer & Exporter. our products come from 32-36 degrees north latitude, the products are high quality. We have 2000 tons of fresh cold storage, and controlling the main store: 
      1. High quality garlic: pure white garlic, red garlic, solo garlic, peeled garlic;
      2. Chilli
      3. Big ginger, fresh ginger and air-dry ginger;
      4. Onion
      5. Apple: Fuji, yellow marshal, gala, red applekeep the advantage in price and quality.
      Our products have been exported to forty countries and regions,  Meet the requirements of customers and make friends is our management tenet. We will provide the best quality products, the most affordable price,and best service toour customers. any needs, please feel free to contact us, your email will be welcomed!


      Online service

      Skype: bunnylij@126.com info@jxyunda.com